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Part Time / Home School Students

Denbigh Baptist Christian School is pleased to offer options to students who wish to attend our school on a part time basis, whether Homeschoolers filling gaps, or students doing make-up classes.

Part Time Student Requirements
  • Chapel attendance each week is highly recommended
  • Student must sign in and out at the office every day
  • Each course is worth 1 credit hour and lasts the entire year
  • Can take a maximum of 3 credit hours per year
  • Parents must notify school office before class if student will not attend that day
  • Students may not loiter on campus. No-credit Study Hall is available for students who require this service. The cost for each Study Hall: Monthly - $25, Semester - $110, Annual - $220
  • Tuition (per class): Monthly - $115, Semester - $500, Annual - $1,000
  • Tuition must be paid before attendance – see Scheduled Tuition Payments below
  • Application is made via the normal methodology and application fee schedule
Tuition Information
Review the Tuition Information below.

Required Items
Bring the Required Items listed on this page.

Registration Fee
Bring a non-refundable $100 Registration Fee.

Testing may be required ($45 fee).

Interview with Administration after testing.

Part Time Course Offerings

  • The Story of the Old Testament, 8th grade, ($24 Book Fee)
  • Patterns for Christian Living, 9th - 11th grade, ($24 Book Fee)
  • Christian Worldview: Understanding the Times, 12th grade, ($40 Book Fee)

  • English / Language Arts, 8th - 12th grade, ($25 Book Fee)
  • Honors English / Language Arts, 10th - 11th grade, ($25 Book Fee)
  • Advanced Placement (AP) English Composition & Literature, 12th grade, ($65 Book Fee)
  • Creative Writing, 10th - 12th grade, ($10 Book Fee)
  • Speech / Drama, 10th - 12th grade, ($10 Book Fee)

  • Algebra 1, 8th - 12th grade, ($20 Book Fee)
  • Geometry, 9th - 12th grade, ($20 Book Fee)
  • Algebra 2, 10th - 12th grade, ($20 Book Fee)
  • Algebra 2 / Trigonometry, 10th - 12th grade, ($20 Book Fee)
  • College Algebra, 11th grade - 12th grade, ($20 Book Fee)
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Statistics, 11th grade - 12th grade, ($30 Book Fee)
  • Pre-Calculus, 11th grade - 12th grade, ($30 Book Fee)
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus AB, 11th grade - 12th grade, ($30 Book Fee)

  • Earth Science, 8th grade, ($40 Book Fee)
  • Physical Science, 9th grade, ($20 Book Fee)
  • Biology, 10th grade, ($40 Book Fee)
  • Chemistry, 11th grade - 12th grade, ($20 Book Fee)
  • Marine Biology, 11th grade - 12th grade, ($40 Book Fee)
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Biology, 11th grade - 12th grade based on demand), ($30 Book Fee)
  • Physics, 11th grade - 12th grade, ($20 Book Fee)

Social Studies
  • World Geography, 8th grade, ($15 Book Fee)
  • World History, 9th grade, ($15 Book Fee)
  • United States History, 11th grade, ($15 Book Fee)
  • American Government, 12th grade, ($15 Book Fee)

  • Art, 9th - 12th grade
  • Choir, 9th - 12th grade, ($10 Book Fee)
  • Spanish 1, 2, 3, 8th - 12th grade, ($35 Book Fee)
  • Study Hall, 8th - 12th grade
  • Yearbook, 10th - 12th grade

Required Items

  • Original Birth Certificate
  • School Physical & Immunizations - age 5 or older
  • Homeschool Records, if applicable
  • Written Statement - "My Responsibility in my Child's Education"
  • Latest Report Card
  • Recent Achievement Scores
  • IEP or 504, if applicable
  • Final Custody Judgement, if applicable
  • Registration Fee

Tuition Policies

Scheduled Tuition Payments

You may choose to pay on one of three payment schedules. You may choose one annual payment, two semester payments, or nine monthly payments. Whichever schedule you choose, payment must be made before the student may attend class. For example, the annual payment, the first semester payment, or the first monthly payment must be made in July – the month before school starts. The second semester payment must be made in December – since the second semester starts in January.

There is a discount built into the schedules for paying annually or on the semester plan.

Payment Options

Payments may be made by cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover, electronic withdrawal, or automatic bill pay. You may mail your payments to the school or drop off your payment in the school office.

Payment Policy

All payments are due on the 1st of each month. Any account not paid on or before the 10th of the month is considered past due and will be assessed a $50 late fee. If payment, including late fee, is not received on the 20th, the student will not be allowed to attend class starting on the 21st. If the account is subsequently brought up-to-date (including late fees), the student may return to class – but will not be afforded make-up work or tutoring to fill the missed classes. Report cards and school records will be withheld if required payments are not made in full.

Returned Check Policy

Any bank charges imposed for returned checks will be charged to the student account. Any returned check will be counted as non-payment and the student will be subject to the Payment Policy attendance restrictions above.


DBCS is a member of the METRO conference. The METRO conference does not allow part time / home school students to participate in athletics.