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Victoria Eilers


Victoria Eilers graduated from DBCS in 2015. She was unsure of the career path she wanted to take but sought to continue her education. Seeing it as a good place to start, she ventured to Thomas Nelson Community College to complete general education requirements. In addition to taking classes, Victoria worked for TNCC as a peer tutor. It was through that experience that she discovered a passion for helping others grow academically. In May 2017 she received an A.A. in Liberal Arts from TNCC and is now exploring a career path in teaching.

Victoria heard the gospel and believed God existed at a young age, but it wasn't until later in life that she accepted Christ as savior and began to actively pursue a relationship with Him. She has attended Denbigh Baptist Church for over a decade and was recently hired to intern for DBCS and serve as the art teacher for the Fall 2017 Semester. She is excited that God brought such an opportunity her way and that she will be able to use her natural abilities while gaining experience in the classroom.

It is Victoria's conviction that because God is the creator of all things and made mankind in His image, He has instilled in each person the desire to create. She believes that creativity is an aspect of His character and the arts can be used as a means of glorifying Him. Though not all are inclined toward the visual expression of this inborn desire, she is looking forward to challenging students to exercise or otherwise discover this inborn creative aspect of themselves in the art room. It is her goal to have students understand and experiment with the elements and principles of design, think originally, and keep the Lord at the center of their thoughts.